Exam Information

Summer 2022 Exams – Certificate Collection

Congratulations to all of our students who achieved so highly in their exams in Summer 2022.

If you are no longer studying with us, we invite you to come to the school reception to collect your certificates on Thursday 23rd March between 9am and 2pm or between 4pm and 5pm. We look forward to seeing you then.

If you are currently in Year 12, we invite you to collect your certificates from room B4 on Thursday 23rd February or Friday 24th February from 9am to 11.35am or 12.35 to 3pm.

Summer 2023 Exams Timetables

See below for the Summer 2023 Exam Timetables.

Sixth Form

Year 11

 Exam Tips

The exam boards all have website sections for specifically aimed at students and parents. You may find some of their suggestions helpful:

  • WJEC has some suggestions for students